Solar lights for walkways and bikeways

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Solar lights for open spaces

Open Spaces

Solar lights for marinas and jetties

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Solar lights for recreation and parks

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    Exceptional lighting outcomes

    Designed to comfortably achieve pathway and walkway lighting standards.

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    Built to last

    Using the highest quality components, 316 stainless steel bolts and screws, double powder coated casing and clever design.

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    Cost effective

    Zero power bills and no trenching and cabling, and smart use of sensors and dimming to keep the solar engine compact.

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    Architectually designed

    The design will complement any urban or rural landscape with the contemporary style.

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    Very reliable even in prolonged bad weather

    The solar engine is very generously sized providing 4-5 nights battery back-up.

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    One size solar panel

    Design and solar engine sizing enables one size solar panel and two options of battery size to service all regions between +40 degrees and -40 degrees latitude. Please discuss model size with the distributor.

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    Smart city capabilities

    Nema 7 pin receptacle compatible

Avero Solar Light


Public paths and parks
Council and Government
Retirement villages
Campgrounds and caravan parks
Resorts and theme parks
Remote communities
Mining, gas and industry
Educational campuses and schools
Industrial sites

Leading the way with pedestrian lighting

The Avero® is a world first for overhead pedestrian scale solar lighting that combines form and function, with a fully independent solar panel for effective sunlight harvesting.

The design complements up-market open spaces and pathways, looks credible on a mine site, the compact Avero® solar light provides full light when you need it, and dims when you don’t.

Created for discerning lighting designers, specifiers, town planners and infrastructure professionals, the batwing optic and ability to add luminaires via the lightjunction™, enables the necessary lighting levels to be achieved comfortably.

The solar engine has been generously sized to ensure the light runs at full illumination after a prolonged poor weather event, and at the most challenging climatic time of the year.

Avero® is extremely quick and easy to install, saving money on installation costs, with no drilling poles onsite, and without the expense or disruption of trenching or cabling between solar light poles.

The long life lithium battery is designed to last 5 + years and all the internal components are easily replaced, providing peace of mind as they are off the shelf products.

The Avero® provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for overhead pedestrian scale lighting.